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That’s our dad!!

I had a meeting yesterday for the boys school at our local Chick-fil-a (it was family night and school fundraiser night) so I loaded the boys up and headed into town. Big C worked a bit late and we ended up heading towards home about the same time. I got on the road home a few cars behind him and caught up to him right outside of town. CJ just happened to look up and see his dad’s jeep and blurted out “Hey, that’s our dad!!!” with a fair amount of excitement. That made me laugh and smile, and then smile some more.

These boys love their daddy (plain, simple and to the point). They ask for him to come into their room every night at bedtime, well except for one night last week when he had scared the begeezers out of them by quietly standing in the bathtub all Freddy the 13th like. They didn’t ask for him that night. Mostly because he thought scaring the pants of them was hilarious (a Revenge of the Nerds type of laugh hilarious), a view they obviously did not share. They sit on top next to of him on the couch when we watch tv as a family, follow him like attached little shadows when he wonders out to his shop, and basically think he’s the cooler one. That’s because he lets them try to stay up until midnight, or spend a Friday night playing video games, and takes them to see cool movies. Let’s be clear, I am apparently NOT cool, but their daddy is. He also drives a really cool jeep, and me, well I drive a Mini-Van. We could go on but I’ll spare myself.

Never has anyone looked better wearing the title of daddy, no one could be a better daddy to these two boys, and to quote Judy Garland “I’ve got my man who could ask for anything more?”

I had a meeting yesterday for the boys school at our local Chick-fil-a (it was family night and school fundraiser night)...

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Dad’s Day Pt. 1

Dad’s Day Part 1 is for my most loyal reader and about my most loyal reader….

I don’t really remember what my dad preferred to do on father’s day. It was probably something close to what he does now, head to the coast and do some fishing (not that he got to do that back when I was a kid). I know we didn’t torture him with ties each year, in fact I recall one year heading up a campaign to buy him this flat acrylic thing that had sand and blue liquid in it that you put on your desk and it would wave back and forth. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called but for some reason I thought he would really want one of those. A few years ago I found him a really interesting tackle box, it looked like a cd holder with sleeves and you could use it to store leaders, lures, hooks etc. That turned out to be pretty practical. This year I didn’t manage to get even a sappy Hallmark in the mail but I did get to do a weekend of fishing in last weekend (and yes, I totally made sure I called him).

It was really windy throughout the entire weekend though which made fishing hard, well at least the catching of the fish part hard. I’m sure he know this but just getting to go fishing with him is a lot of fun, catching fish just makes it more fun. Dad tried just about every spot he could think of and we covered about 55 miles (that’s a lot of real estate in the water folks) but didn’t catch much of anything. Actually dad did but he refused to let me take a picture of his catch. Matter of fact when I reached for my phone to take the picture dad produced lighting fast reflexes and got his catch off the line and back into the water. The fish wasn’t ugly, in fact it was kind of cute. We did eat some good food that weekend and have fun and I can’t wait to do it again. Check back tomorrow for the other guy I know who is a dad…

My dad with his dad (my Popa)

Dad's Day Part 1 is for my most loyal reader and about my most loyal reader.... I don't really remember what my dad pref...

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For the Warriors

Today we take the small road trip down to Port O’Connor Texas four the fourth annual Warrior’s Weekend. This is a weekend for our fine young men and women who have been injuried fighting in a war. They come from VA hospitals all of the US but mostly fom Brooke Army in San Antonio. It’s a day for them to relax and have fun. To no worry abut going to therapy or what food the hospital is serving. I’m hoping to see my man Andrew, his come for the last two fishing trips. We nicknamed him Bill Dance two years ago and he caught some nice fish. I hope he comes but I also hope he doesn’t. Because if he doesn’t that means he’s all better and the Army sent him home to be with his family. Back to Mississippi with his family. Hers to all our fine young men and women. May God bless us with a good day of fishing.

My Man Andrew

Today we take the small road trip down to Port O'Connor Texas four the fourth annual Warrior's Weekend. This is a weeken...

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Baseball Fever

This is our first year to play baseball and by “our” I mean Z Man’s. I remember playing rag ball (named so because the ball we used was really soft and made out of cloth) when I was a short little toot of a girl. I also remember popping my knee when running to first base and my dad plunking me on top of his truck hood and getting one cube of ice from his cup and putting it on my knee. That somehow made it all better. I have no idea why I remember that. It’s like random neurons connecting just for the fun of it.

I played softball until I left home for college, mostly fast-pitch in school and was highly competitive. I started playing co-ed softball again last summer and while still competitive have learned to take a bit of the edge off. My past playing makes it hard to “watch” Z play baseball and not be involved. I try to only offer words of encouragement and not too much detail, things simply like “just watch the ball and swing hard”. He tends to be a bit goofy and not too competitive yet which is the complete opposite of his younger brother. More frustrating to his father than myself.

A few weekends ago his coach signed them all up for a mini-camp with Texas States’ baseball team (the same college I graduated from) on a Sunday morning. Z and I had spent the day before in Austin all day for a speech competition and I was tired but we had said he would go so we got up early and headed into town. The first thing the boys get to do is sit in the “big boys” dugout. Then some of the younger players come out and do drills with the boys (hitting, fielding, pitching, running, etc). The camp was really a primer for the bigger (and paid for) summer camps the Bobcats put on but I saw that Z was really getting into it. He wasn’t however interested in going to the game after the camp, that is until some of the ball players started signing some of the boys gloves and hats. Z got three signatures from a couple of freshman ball players and suddenly he was in LOVE with baseball and we absolutely had to come back for the game.

Big Boy Dugout

Patient but Excited!

After the camp was over I went to the ticket box and got us a few tickets (reserved seating was $5 more) and we got front row seats behind home plate. All the kids who attended the camp got to stand on the field during the National Anthem and then run the bases and get signatures after the game. Z saved a Blow Pop he got for the guy who hit a home run. He turned out to be a nice guy, asked Z his name and shook his hand then actually ate the Blow Pop. I should have told him Z had put the stick of the Blow Pop in his mouth but hey who am I to ruin a moment? Texas State has some pretty good baseball players and I wouldn’t mind seeing another game. Chalk up another long day away from home and my weekend vanished into thin air. This week and next we finish up baseball with two make-up games and then summer is upon us. Someone help me.


This is our first year to play baseball and by "our" I mean Z Man's. I remember playing rag ball (named so because the b...

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WASP’s, Rosie, Nurses, and More

Today more than 1,000 civilian female pilots or WASPS – Women Airforce Service Pilots – were given the Congressional Gold Medal at a ceremony on Capitol Hill. These women volunteers, many of whom have since died, paid for their own pilot training and served the military during the early years of World War II in hopes of joining the military. They tested and ferried aircraft, freeing men for combat flying. They were kept top secret though and had to fight to have the records made public… NPR did a great piece on the flying ladies here.

We all know that during World War II women’s service didn’t stop there. We took over jobs typically done by men, jobs in factories  and shipyards creating ammunition and manufacturing ships, planes, etc. Rosie the Riveter was a literal story about the jobs women took over, eventually she came to mean so much more.

Women didn’t stop there either. Before the bombing of Pearl Harbor the there were fewer than 7,000 Army nurses on active duty.  Over the next six months their number grew to more than 12,000. By the end of the war more than 70,000 women served as nurses. The Army nurses’ experience during World War II is dramatic and important. Nurses in World War II often worked 18-hour shifts, 7 days a week, caring for the sick, the wounded and the dying and somehow through all that bring comfort in the most uncomfortable of situations. My grandmother was a nurse in the Army during the war, I don’t know if she was a battlefield nurse or “Bedpan Commando” though, either way I can’t say how proud I am.

Women throughout the world stepped up to help. Russian Field Nurses

When I see an older woman maybe in her late 70’s to late 80’s I don’t think of someone who’ll just slow me down on the road, I always wonder what she was doing from 1940-1945. Was she working hard at a job she never thought she’d have, caring for wounded men in the most unbelievable of conditions (I heard one story of when they enlisted they were given wool socks and men’s XL undergarments and told to do with until their uniforms were ready), spending the days wondering if a telegram would come from the war department telling her she’d never see her husband again. Would you even know if that nice lady having her hair done at the saloon flew thousands of miles in a B-17 or helped assemble an aircraft carrier? Food for thought ladies….

Today more than 1,000 civilian female pilots or WASPS – Women Airforce Service Pilots – were given the Congressional Gol...

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Let me explain…

twitterific_logo_enlargedWhat’ with the blue bird at the top of the page you ask? If you had to ask then you’ve been unplugged from the WWW for awhile. Most of the times it seems I’m slightly ahead of whatever the trend is. For example I had a “blog” style site going right after Z Man was born (almost 7 years ago for those of you who are counting). I still have those files archived on a cd somewhere. About a year or so ago I stumbled onto twitter. Think of it as a text message style type of communication, 140 characters and a large network of folks out there. I’ve made both personal and business contacts using twitter and know I could probably drive both interest and business by utilizing it. I however prefer to keep on a somewhat just for fun basis. I tweet out helpful information when I have it or just silly things that happen or something the boys have said. Take a look at Twitter, you might find yourself addicted.

When I first started finding sites that allowed you to upload a picture of yourself I didn’t really like any I had of myself so I started using an icon of Calvin. The reason behind that had to do with a nickname of mine and I liked it at the time. Now while I have a few more pictures of myself I still don’t like any of them but I wanted something that resembled me a little bit more. So I set out to find something I liked and I did. Well that’s a quick lesson is social bloging for you. Stay tuned for the next installment with photos of our spring break trip this week….


Find me with this icon

What' with the blue bird at the top of the page you ask? If you had to ask then you've been unplugged from the WWW for a...

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