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Proud to be…

Just what I wanted

Seven years old….

Legos make me happy

Six years old….

It’s almost hard to wrap my mind around how old they are and how much they are growing out of being my little boys into these independent little men like beings. We celebrated their birthday with their friends the weekend before at the inflatable party zone. We had sixteen crazy, loud, sweaty, hungry, and thirsty 5-7 year olds running around having a blast! Afterwards Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Morgan, and Mr. SweetCheeks joined us for BBQ in Lockhart before heading back home.

We had planned to take the boys out to a dinning of their choice but our AC had gone out the Friday before and our guy was coming out to fix it so we ordered pizza at home and sat out on the porch (where it was much cooler) and ate dinner. After pizza the boys were more than excited to open their gifts. Their current infatuation is robots, and not Transfomer type either, real old fashion toy robots. That was the theme for their party and I managed to find some cool wrapping paper for their gifts. It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone, usually for me their birthdays represent the beginning of a busy few months for us. They are still getting used to answering 6 and 7 to the “how old are you” question!

Both boys are doing so well at school! Zach has just adapted so well to his new school and has even gotten over having to wear a uniform. He loves his sweater (it’s been cool enough to actually wear it) and thinks it makes him look so handsome. CaseyJ’s reading and writing are so awesome and getting better each week. Zach has joined Cub Scouts (he’s actually a Tiger Scout) and both boys are playing flag football. I think we are finally settling into a routine even though someone completely forgot to pick up his youngest son today. He however caught no grief for it. However if mom is not the first person in line to pick up her youngest boy she totally gets reemed for it. Oh yeah, I’m shark bait around here sometimes.

Future Mannings?

first flag football game, little brother is catching up…

Seven years old.... Six years old.... It's almost hard to wrap my mind around how old they are and how much they are gro...

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six and seven

Seven years ago today not two hours after I had fallen asleep I woke up to my water breaking. I was so stinking nervous! The bag was packed and we made the drive to San Antonio without incident (apparently not many folks are out around 1am on the loop 1604). Z Man hung in there (literally) for 25 more hours before making his appearance.

Six years ago today after celebrating the Z’s first birthday I woke up around 7am to some fairly regular contractions. After a phone call to the OB we were packing up our one year old on his birthday and headed toward San Antonio again. Yep, exactly one year later I was in a very similar delivery room with much of the very same nurses and staff from the year before. CaseyJ only waited 6 hours before making his laid back and easy entrance into our world.

I browsed through pictures of them the days they were born, their first summers, the first time they saw each other, chubby cheeks and sausage roll arms. Sleepy nap time hair-dos, bright blue eyes, covered in pudding pictures. Sometimes I really miss the little boys they used to be.



Those little boys have grown into big boys now and while some of the cuteness is gone they always do something each and everyday that makes me smile and brings joy to my heart. I know that they will grow up to be good boys and close brothers and they will never be able to forget each others birthday, well that is unless they somehow forget their own birthday!

To the two most awesome boys whom I cannot imagine my life without Happy Birthday Guys!!

My boys, sorta like each other


Seven years ago today not two hours after I had fallen asleep I woke up to my water breaking. I was so stinking nervous!...

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When it rains…

It POURS. While I would usually use that metaphorically this particular weekend both literally and metaphorically works. We finally got some MUCH needed rain in this part of the world and the creeks that have been empty and bone dry for months have at last some water running through them. I hope the water stays and that the rain sticks around for a bit. I don’t even mind racing to the van without an umbrella, actually I walked really slow so I could enjoy the rain. Know for the metaphorically part –

On Thursday I did an update to my phone that didn’t turn out so well. We call it Paper Weight mode. It literally wasn’t even phone worthy anymore. It took me almost 24 hours to get it back up and that was after tons of hassle and swearing I’d leave it on the side of the road on the way into town. Finally around lunch on Friday it came back to life. I’ll follow up with the complete story on that soon. After work Friday Big C brought the boys home and I ran to the store to pick out their birthday presents along with some milk (I really an thinking of buying my own milk cow) and got home about an hour or so later to a semi-warm house. Huh. What’s up. The AC’s busted. We attempted to take apart the usual suspect part in the DARK but still no dice. At least it waited until a semi-cool weekend with the rain and cloud cover to go out. I pulled up my big girl pants and we toughed out two nights and days without the AC. Not really hot but seriously humid and sticky. The boys camped out on the living room floor with some fans.

Saturday we headed into town for the boys birthday party. Stop number one at HEB for some ice for the ice box. Stop number two at the downtown cafe daddy has coffee at every morning to pick up the cake. Miss Esther had made them a very cool robot cake (she also did last years cake and the year before). When we walked in she gave me a look of dissappointment. She was finishing the cake late the night before and it fell off her table. She was so upset she was almost in tears! I felt so bad because I knew she worked hard on it, I wasn’t upset and I tried to explain that to her. She kept saying how cool it was too! I think she’s going to remake it for our SeptOber birthday get together in a few weeks. Stop three was at the other HEB for cake (we got two round ones and some decorations from the bakery isle), forks, napkins, plates (all of which I neglected to remember at the first HEB stop) and some finger foods. Stop four was the shop where daddy’s phone was now in Paper Weight mode even though mommy told him not to do it for a few moments before we headed to the party zone.

Thumbs up for cake

The boys school mates and even their cousin had a blast bouncing from one inflatable item to the next. Lots of hot, sweaty, thirsty, and hungry little people running around. We barely had enough cake for all the hungry little folk but the boys seemed to have blast playing with their friends. After the party was over Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Morgan and litte Mr. Aidan joined us for some BBQ out at Kreuz’s.  The boys opened up their gifts from family there (we requested no gifts at the party – they have enough already, really they do) and were excited by the two new Estes rockets and engines from Grandma and Grandpa. I think my dad had fun looking for them since he was the one who did it with me when I was kid, the boys were sincerely excited about their new rockets.

Play is hard work

Friendly hoops

Later that eveing our good friends Brian and Renate came over to visit with their boys Ethan and Joey who are too cute and full of energy. Big C and I were reminded of what we don’t miss about having toddlers! It was actually cooler to sit outside and visit than inside with the AC still out. After church this morning we ran to Academy in Austin to get the boys each their own football to take to flag football practice. Their first game will be this Saturday if the fields are dry enough. I’m excited to see how CaseyJ will do since this is his first year. Our AC finally got fixed this afternoon thanks to a very nice family friend/AC repair guy coming out on a weekend to help us out. To top it of he wouldn’t even charge us for anything. Very cool. No pun intended… What a weekend. It’ll take me all week to recover!

More pictures from our BBQ lunch and Mr. Aidan and his ice cream cone…




It POURS. While I would usually use that metaphorically this particular weekend both literally and metaphorically works....

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School is Cool

It’s baaa-ack! School is now in session. Hopefull we’ll al be able to settle into a routine by the end of this week or the next. CaseyJ is full swing into homework each day and reading, Z Man has yet to find his homework challenging but I have no doubt it will be, he has much more responsibilty that comes with first grade. Feels like a bit more work for mom too and the getting up an hour earlier is getting old already. 🙂 Z Man seems to have adjusted to a more rigid scheduled just fine, and is just happy as can be when I pick him up each day. He and his daddy went to their first Cub Scout meeting the other night and he’s going to be a Tiger Scout (CaseyJ has decided to sit this out for a year). Football practice started (flag football) and they have their birthday party coming up in two days already!

Back to School

New Beginning

Things I’ll miss about summer:

  • The boys always wore crocs or flip-flops so now my white laundry loads have doubled with all these socks they keep insisting on wearing.
  • Not getting up at 6am.
  • Trips to the library and our Thursday arts and crafts day.
  • Watching the boys swim and have fun in the water.

Things I won’t miss about summer:

  • Dirty, grimy feet from those crocs and flip-flops.
  • Sweaty, smelly little boys.
  • The boys waking up at 6am when I wanted to sleep until AT LEAST 7am.
  • The heat, did I say the HEAT!
  • Washing a lot of swimming towels on an almost daily basis.

It's baaa-ack! School is now in session. Hopefull we'll al be able to settle into a routine by the end of this week or t...

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Rip Tide

Summer has felt much like a rip tide. It’s strong and sudden and can sweep you out to sea. Pounding waves can take the breath out of you. Gone so fast…

Tomorrow CaseyJ starts school. Z man starts next Wednesday but has a meet and greet tomorrow and a play outing Friday morning.  Summer went by so fast (with the exception of the last three weeks when they’ve been at the office everyday) that I haven’t had time to catch up on anything much less the blog. I’ve tried, I’ve stared at the blank page and blinking cursor. I’ve had plenty to write about, we’ve done lots of fun things too. I guess I’m just lazy. By the time I settle down at night and plop my notebook onto my lap it’s 8pm or sometimes closer to 9pm and by then, well, I’m tired, brain-fried, well done.

Like tonight. It’s almost 10pm and I really gotta go to bed, but here I sit, pecking away at it. I almost feel like Cinderella who has until the bell tolls to get home or the carriage turns back into a pumpkin. I need those 7-8 hours of sleep. Badly. Not to mention we will now need to leave almost an hour earlier every day because Z Man’s school day begins at 8am while CaseyJ’s starts at 8:30am (and we live 25 miles from their schools).

We managed to squeak out a trip to Sea World in San Antonio and stay on the Riverwalk (thanks to be suckered into a Riverwalk membership thing which might actually have been worth it) and had told the boys we were going to spend all weekend doing chores before the school year started. Z Man figured it out when he saw all the Sea World signs, whats with all the advertising 16 miles before you get there? 🙂 It was hot, stinking and miserably HOT and packed. I don’t ever recall seeing so many people there. The boys seemed to have fun even though we didn’t get to let them play in the water park – we checked into the hotel and let them swim in the pool for awhile. We tried a new to us Tex-Mex resturant on the quieter side of the Riverwalk and CaseyJ was sure to point out every fish he saw and walk close enough to the edge to make us both nervous.

Reading over his shoulder

havin' fun

Photos from our trip on flickr as usual…. bedtime folks – it feels like I’m the one going back to school…

Summer has felt much like a rip tide. It's strong and sudden and can sweep you out to sea. Pounding waves can take the b...

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Comm Check

I’m a geek and that’s ok with me. Two weeks ago the boys and I sat at my desk and watched online tv of STS-127 Endeavour space shuttle lift-off from Florida. It was AWESOME! We watched the live coverage all the way until main tank separation and we’ve been keeping up with the mission since then.

We have the NASA channel at home and sometimes I just load the web page and leave it on all day. Almost two weeks later now we’ve seen a few space walks and the shuttle separate from the ISS (space station). Last night we stepped outside a little after 9pm and saw two brightly glowing objects zoom across our sky. The first was Endeavour the second was the space station (it was much brighter because of it’s solar panels). It was completely AWESOME! Both boys got a real kick out of it. Tonight you’ll be able to see them again a bit after 9:30pm. You should really check it out.

To add to our knowledge quest on space we launched our first Estee Rocket last week. It was AWESOME too! No really. It’s not like a toy, it’s so much cooler. We used up both of our engines so we must purchase more from the hobby shop and maybe another rocket to add to our arsenal.

Estee Rocket

I think maybe I was an astronaut in another life, or maybe I slighty missed my calling. So instead I’ll share as much real life AWESOME space adventures with my boys as I can. Next adventure two days in Concan with the boys and other family. Please let the water in the river be refreshing and not nasty!

I'm a geek and that's ok with me. Two weeks ago the boys and I sat at my desk and watched online tv of STS-127...

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