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Beating the Dr.

I remember (pretty well actually for all you doubters out there) when I first had a can of Dr. Pepper. In high school we had exactly one soda machine (cans only) right outside the cafeteria. Back then Sprite was my drink of choice but one day the machine was out of Sprite and a friend who was already a DP addict convinced me to try one. I don’t think I got hooked right then or anytime during high school but it was a gateway to more drinking in college, by the end of my freshman year I was hooked. Stupid magical mix of flavors.

Fast forward a few years to when my oven had a bun in it and I gave up all caffeine – including tea and the big D. I really don’t remember it being that hard for me to do at the time. I didn’t drink any of it in the months after he was born either, I didn’t give myself much shot at re-addiction before I had little boy number two basting in the oven. I did cave into Mug Rootbeer a few times because it didn’t have caffeine. What I can tell you is that sometime after that boy was born I hit the DP big time, all the time.

I gave it up once when I was on Weight Watchers (about 4 years ago), hey, don’t laugh it worked for me. Lost like 15 pounds on it. Well it didn’t last long. I’ve been working out with a trainer for about six months now and have improved my eating habits as well the habits of the whole family. Ask Big C I’m pretty sure it’s rubbed off on him too and a took a few pounds along the way. Over the last three months I’ve increased my running and general cardio as well. But I still can’t beat the dang Dr. P. So I set out on a quest and I’ve been searching for a flavor replacement.

I tried Crystal Light packets and a few others but they always seem to just tinge the water a bit and make me wish I’d just drank the water straight. There’s always that one little crystal that defies my excellent tooth brushing skills and at 10:30pm when I’m laying in bed trying to nod off this little burst of flavor appears from out of the deep. Bam! There’s that crystal flavor. Ack. Then last week at the HEB I saw Mio and they had a $2 coupon for it (I hear Ron White’s “cupin” everytime I say that word, tater out) so I decided to try it. Flavor chosen – Mango Peach. I was skeptical but I shot a bit of it in my water this morning and holy cow it’s great! I love it. My boys like it to! I think I may be able to kick this whole Dr. Pepper issue with the help of Mio. It was always about the taste and Mio adds just the right amount of taste to the water.

From Kraft’s website

Each of MiO’s six flavors is:

  • Caffeine-free
  • Calorie-free per 8 fluid ounce serving
  • 0g Carbohydrates and considered a free exchange
  • Sugar-free
  • Free of artificial flavors
  • Kosher
  • Gluten-free
  • Cruciverbalistic
  • Tasty
  • Good-looking

I know that I may not drink my last Dr. Pepper today but I know that Mio is gonna help drastically reduce them! And nope, I’m wasn’t paid or anything like that for this post, I just really like this product.

I remember (pretty well actually for all you doubters out there) when I first had a can of Dr. Pepper. In high school we...

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Pen Freak

Every now and then I get a little OCD and feel a bit like Tony Shalub’s character Monk, at other times I feel a lot like him. In this particular instance I find myself picky about pens, yes the type you write with. Although I do much of my work on the computer I still write a lot. I have little notebooks that I’ll fill up, move the important stuff to digital notes then file or trash the notebook. Everything from phone messages to lists, drawings for designs and more.

I like felt tip pens but was always hesitant to splurge on any at the local office supply store. Then by some chance I stumbled upon a link from another blog I read to Tokyo Pen Shop. Then I spent the next hour looking at all the lovely pens! In that hour I managed to add a few select choices to my shopping cart like this and a few of these and nabbed a few extras for an upcoming friends birthday gift. I waited just a short time until I received my order –

Let me just say that I absolutely love these pens! They write effortlessly and the gift recipient is quite happy with theirs as well. Tokyo Pen Shop also has a selection of notebooks, pencils, and tons of other pens and they offer free shipping on orders over $25. So why are you still here? Go get to Tokyo Pen Shop!

Note: This is not a paid for review I just really like these pens!!!

Every now and then I get a little OCD and feel a bit like Tony Shalub's character Monk, at other times I feel a lot like...

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Drury Plaza – Riverwalk

Last week was spring break for the boys. We did not have any big travel plans or really any plans at all for the week. We are taking our big travel vacation this July hopefully (more on that as we plan it out). The boys were asking if we were going to go anywhere so I decided to jump on the internet and look for some hotel deals in San Antonio. We wanted a hotel with an indoor pool so the boys could go swimming without becoming popsicles. I found a really good deal on Expedia for the Drury Plaza on the Riverwalk – a King Suite (aka separate sleeping area and bed for mom and dad) for under $135. The hotel also had a hot food buffet from 5:30pm until 7pm and each adult gets a drink card for three “adult” drinks a night, and hot breakfast bar in the morning. The money we saved on dinner and breakfast certainly made up for the little higher price we paid for the room.

Room - Drury Plaza

The hotel and our room was beautiful! The Drury Plaza is in the old Alamo Bank building which they remodeled and turned into the hotel. The outdoor heated pool is on the 22nd floor and the indoor pool is in the San Fernando building on the 9th floor. Each pool has hot tubs by them and patios with great views. The food was great as was the service throughout our stay. Our room was one of the best I’ve ever stayed in. Large, spacious, comfy beds and pillows. Boys said the pullout was comfortable, two nice LCD in each sleeping area, desk with wifi access for work and a balcony with a great view!

Balcony View

The only odd thing was the slightly long/confusing walk to our room. It was in the other half of the hotel so we took the elevator to the 6th floor then walked a bit to another elevator to get to the 14th floor. Location was prime – we walked out of the hotel and onto the Riverwalk. Mall was within a mile of our hotel and plenty of eating and drinking establishments with .2 miles.

Valet parking is $18/night but there are other parking areas that are close, however the pricing for those is about the same amount. Next time we do a small minication to San Antonio we will certainly be back at the Drury Plaza!

SA at Night

Last week was spring break for the boys. We did not have any big travel plans or really any plans at all for the week. W...

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