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Stray Thoughts

  • It’s taken me forever to post because on Wednesday my computer dove at at three degree down bubble and is just now resurfacing. What, no naval folks here?
  • Really folks, I had to start from scratch again. Luckily my data was all safe and I didn’t lose a single file.
  • Z Man was sick last Thursday and this Thursday, took him to the doctor on Friday and found out he has strep and massively swollen tonsils. He got antibiotics to take for 12 days each month for the next three months! Casey J got some to as a preventative measure. I am just resigned to chug OJ like my dad used to make me during basketball season.
  • Spent some time this weekend making sure certain things were ready for our upcoming week long trip to Colorado. It’s only two weeks away!
  • We bathed the dog and she promptly went outside to roll in the dead grass and dirt. She’s not clean anymore. But I can’t smell anyway from the wind bringing some good old cedar down this way.
  • Z Man was sick for his first soccer practice (they are on the same team this year – the Hurricanes) but Casey J was like a different kid. He practiced the whole hour! That’s why he’s the only one in the soccer pictures over on flickr.
  • This Saturday they’ll have their first soccer game and then we’ll be going to their cousin (Amanda’s) wedding!
  • We were using the AC one night this week and then the next morning we had to turn on the heater. Welcome to Texas.
  • I watched the “Mama Mia” movie and liked it. I even got some of the soundtrack from iTunes.
  • I will be starting the re-design of our church’s website (more about that later this week).
  • I now have a small desk in the corner of the front room so I have some work space at home.
  • We made a huge decision on where the Z Man will go to school next year. We even sat in on two of the classes there and I had some serious flashbacks to the school I went to when I was his age. I think they even use the same uniform company. More on that this week too.
  • It’s late, I’m tired, and this chair is killing my butt. Time to go relax.

It's taken me forever to post because on Wednesday my computer dove at at three degree down bubble and is just now resur...

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Sunday Stray

Sunday Stray – miscellaneous things from the week not posted in the Asides area…. More like whatever is on my mind.

  • Casey J is a noisy person and I don’t mean that he talks a lot necessarily. His little body makes a lot of odd noises. Mostly coming from the hind area and the mouth. Yes folks, I’m refferring to belching and farting. I should really be used to it in this house but lately there has been a new development on distinguishing what kind of burp it was. Casey J now feels it is his duty to tell me if his burp was “juicy” or not. Ewww. I can only assume that he means those kind of burps we all have but decide not to share. Being only five however his filter is not fined tuned and feels he must share these details with me. Ewww….
  • We got a new, larger, in one piece crockpot just for the Superbowl. We have a smaller one that has a missing side handle, front dial knob missing for years, and well, did I mention small? You can’t make enough to feed four people in it, much less two boys who eat more and more everyday. The new one also has settings for timers, etc. It also has a locking lid which was apparently too confusing for some of our Superbowl guests.
  • We eliminated one of the schools we were considering for the Z Man next year without even looking at it. We just got bad vibes from things we’d heard and after looking at some of the entrance requirements were quite put off. It’s kind of stressful trying to decide where he’ll go next but we’ve got some good feedback from other parents who have boys the same age as ours.
  • I stayed up late last night to watch Dr. Who. If you don’t watch it you should. The story keeps getting better and it’s so full of emotion. They tie things together so well and it’s writting is superb. David Tenant not’s bad looking, neither is John Barrowman who got his own spin off called Torchwood. I forget to breathe most of the time I’m watching the show. Call me a geek or whatever it’s great tv, so glad we have BBC America.
  • I haven’t had much time to take photos lately but I’m working on fixing that.
  • Lots of new projects and prospects coming up too.
  • Actually got caught up on the laundry this weekend, not the ironing but hey, no one’s perfect.
  • I will not ever buy my boys one of those hand held Nintendo things. If they want one, they can save up their own dough and get it. I saw a boy in Kids Connection this morning unable to part with his game box and then sit and pout for the next hour. I just guess I don’t get it. The boys have a Leapster which is all educational games, but they don’t get to take it everywhere they want to.
  • I had a ton of fun meeting with three girl friends from high school for lunch yesterday in San Marcos. It was great to actually go out with GIRLS and just sit and chat. Thanks Facebook.

Sunday Stray - miscellaneous things from the week not posted in the Asides area.... More like whatever is on my mind. Ca...

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