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Lego Explosion

There is a pox upon our house and it’s in the form of little square pieces that hurt something awful if you step on them. Just what the boys have gotten for Christmas is more than around 3,000 pieces of Lego bricks, the majority of them Star Wars sets. The boys are old enough now to build about 80% of the sets themselves with help along the way every now and then. We still have one big set courtesy of Grandmaclaus to build but I thought I’d share this one time lapse with you (first one so it’s a bit of an experiment made using *gasp* Windows Movie Maker).

There is a pox upon our house and it's in the form of little square pieces that hurt something awful if you step on them...

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Comm Check

I’m a geek and that’s ok with me. Two weeks ago the boys and I sat at my desk and watched online tv of STS-127 Endeavour space shuttle lift-off from Florida. It was AWESOME! We watched the live coverage all the way until main tank separation and we’ve been keeping up with the mission since then.

We have the NASA channel at home and sometimes I just load the web page and leave it on all day. Almost two weeks later now we’ve seen a few space walks and the shuttle separate from the ISS (space station). Last night we stepped outside a little after 9pm and saw two brightly glowing objects zoom across our sky. The first was Endeavour the second was the space station (it was much brighter because of it’s solar panels). It was completely AWESOME! Both boys got a real kick out of it. Tonight you’ll be able to see them again a bit after 9:30pm. You should really check it out.

To add to our knowledge quest on space we launched our first Estee Rocket last week. It was AWESOME too! No really. It’s not like a toy, it’s so much cooler. We used up both of our engines so we must purchase more from the hobby shop and maybe another rocket to add to our arsenal.

Estee Rocket

I think maybe I was an astronaut in another life, or maybe I slighty missed my calling. So instead I’ll share as much real life AWESOME space adventures with my boys as I can. Next adventure two days in Concan with the boys and other family. Please let the water in the river be refreshing and not nasty!

I'm a geek and that's ok with me. Two weeks ago the boys and I sat at my desk and watched online tv of STS-127...

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Time Invested

It’s been a long while since I’ve added a new story here. I haven’t even tried to make an excuse this time, or a promise of something new coming. I’ve been busy. No, seriously. With work like things too… I thought summer might bring a bit of time to do things, other things like relax. It’s only taken my about three weeks to write this post. So I’m going all bulleted list style on this one.

  • I spent about three intense weeks completely re-designing our church’s website. It’s been up and running for about two months now and I continue to help update the site and create graphics for the site and our series. You can see the site here!
  • I went on a ten day road trip with some folks I worked for in college to the east coast again. Specifically Norfolk, VA which made the round trip somewhere over 3,000 miles. You can see some of the pictures I took on that trip on flickr.East Coast 2009
  • The boys have taken two sets of swimming lessons and they’ll take one or two more before the summer is over. Casey J can swim as fast as Michael Phelps but it’s only because he’s afraid to sink so he turbo kicks at all times. Z Man is a little more laid back and more likely to sink but not as concerned about sinking.
  • Oh My...


  • We’ve been to the movies, spent time at a friend’s swimming pool, time outside on the water slide, time at the coast in Port O’Connor fishing and going to the beach, and a lot of time trying to escape the extreme heat we’ve been having here in Texas.
  • We found a nice young lady who watches the boys three days a week at home so that we can make and attempt to get some actual work done at the office.
  • I spend the first part of my mornings at the gym, Big C has taken to calling me a “gym rat”. I don’t think I have any rat like qualities….
  • Z went to Mega Sports camp at our church. Check out the video they made here (you can see him in some of the pictures).
  • Casey J wasn’t really interested in going to the sports camp. Go figure.
  • I spent a few nights re-designing and I’ve actually been updating with photos.
  • I’ve become addicted to the DIY channel and that may explain where all my free time is going.
  • We went to the Terri Hendrix Summer In The Park concert. Z just loves her music.
  • Take you ridin' in my car, car

  • We’ve started arts and crafts projects on Thursdays, last week was the ocean, this week is space. Be looking for some rocket pictures later this week!

That’s about all I’ve got for now, next up is a weekend spent fishing….

It's been a long while since I've added a new story here. I haven't even tried to make an excuse this time, or a promise...

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A Sunday In May

I’m a terrible daughter – I didn’t send my mom a Mother’s Day card. I didn’t really forget per se, more like ran out of time. You certainly don’t even begin to appreciate your own mom until you become one yourself. Then you not only understand the things your mom went through and did for you but you are SHOWN them. You must now do the laundry every night to keep clean clothes in the drawers, cook you own dinner and make sure there is enough food to share with the others, and pick up everywhere you go. And I mean EVERYWHERE! It’s the circle of life, I drove my mom crazy and now I am slowly going crazy but at least I recgonize that and that makes me ever so thankful for my mom and her mom and the ones before. They ultimately made me the mom I am today. My grandmother gave birth ten times, I think twice was quite enough. She raised her family with love and pride. My mom gave birth three times, once more than me and raised my brothers and I to be quite decent people. I mean none of us have any SERIOUS defects or anything. Here’s the line of great mothers that started so many years ago.

My mom as a baby

Me before car seats were the law
Me before car seats were the law

The Z and Grandma
The Z and Grandma

Me and the CaseyJ
Me and the CaseyJ

So to all you moms and mother figures out there (aunts, grandmas, etc) I hope you had a great Mother’s Day and a wonderful weekend!

I'm a terrible daughter - I didn't send my mom a Mother's Day card. I didn't really forget per se, more like ran out of...

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He is ALIVE!

Casey J couldn’t have put it better than when he told me this morning as we were on our way to church that “Jesus is ALIVE today!” I’m working on installment three of the vacation journey (photos are done, story is not yet) and also uploading more photos. While you wait I wanted to share this video which was part of the service at our church this morning. I thought it was awesome.

Hoping you all had a wonderful Easter, however you celebrated it.

Casey J couldn't have put it better than when he told me this morning as we were on our way to church that "Jesus is ALI...

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Rock Monster

Casey J has turned over a new leaf. One we’ve been wondering if he would. He tends to be quite reserved, especially in social situations if he doesn’t know you. This weekend however he came in and asked us to come outside and listen to him sing. We glanced at each other like “really?” and were more than happy to go see what he wanted to show us. He started by standing on their Little Tykes picnic table and turned on his music on his Shaker (MP3 player for kids they got for Christmas last year – well actually the second one since the dog chewed his first one) and then he began belting out a Veggie Tales song called “Rock Monster” from “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” movie. He was really into it too, facial expressions and all. He was in the zone! He did it again later and we recorded it but it was seriously windy outside. So last night he was happy to repeat the performance after his bath (why he’s not wearing a shirt). Sit back, get ready to smile and giggle.

CJ Sings Rock Monster from Kim Moreland on Vimeo.

Casey J has turned over a new leaf. One we've been wondering if he would. He tends to be quite reserved, especially in s...

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