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Glowy Christmas Lights

If I make one more promise to get caught up on this blog I may have to hurt myself. Let’s face it, I’ll never get caught up. Lately each time I sit down to write a post of finish a post I get lazy or Big C puts some movie on this –

42" LCD

and I get all distracted by the wonderfulness of this new TV set and glue my resisting eyes to it.  I’ve been trying since Christmas day to write the Christmas post and each time I sit in the TV room to write well you can guess what happens. First movie was “The Dark Knight” and oh holy cow was that great. Then it was “No Country For Old Men” not as impressed but still wow. Last night it was “The Pursuit of Happiness” and now it’s “Little Miss Sunshine”. Oh it’ll never end.

That was Santa Claus’ gift to himself this year, that and the nice little surround sound package Mrs. Claus picked up for the TV room. I’m working on the post to explain the new TV room we have. I’ve got what the room looked like from before we tore everything out to how it looks right now. Pretty darn sweet, it’s a no toys allowed room.

Down to business – Christmas time came on seriously fast and I think I almost missed it. We got fairly busy at the shop and I didn’t even get started on the Christmas shopping until the week before Christmas. The boys would have made Dick Clark proud with their daily countdown to Christmas day, first thing when the little one would pop up out of bed would be to announce how many days left until Santa Claus was comin’ to town. I did the initial reconnaissance mission to the Target for the man in the big red suit and then after asking multiple times what they wanted for Christmas and getting the exact same answer we had to do some blacks ops mission back to Target to find the two special gifts.

It was midnight before this elf headed off to bed and the two little dudes decided 6:30am was as long as they could sleep that morning and came bounding in exclaiming for us to come see what Santa had brought them. We both groaned as we rolled out of bed to document the morning for all of prosperity. Needless to say the boys were thrilled with the big man in red.

Millenium Falcon

Yeah Christmas

We had twelve total people over for a late lunch on Christmas and had a really good time. The boys spent a lot of time playing with the really awesome Millenium Flacon they got and their action figures. Z Man has even come up with an idea to make some mini movies with all their action figures. We spent the last weekend having Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s where we came home with a van full of toys. I got to hold squishy cheeks a lot and the Casey J even got along with Miss Riley Roo.

Don't eat the paper
Aidan aka “Squishy Cheeks” eating some yummy wrapping paper.

If I make one more promise to get caught up on this blog I may have to hurt myself. Let's face it, I'll never get caught...

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Home, Please Mom

Never have my two boys wanted to go home so badly from Grandma’s, not because of anything Grandma did but because they got so miserably sick there. I can only assume they just really wanted to be sick on their own couches, in their own house. They both slept the entire 1.5 hour trip home, with the Z Man using the seat belt to help hold up his head. It was supposed to be a weekend of fun and fishing but we never made it past the Friday night trick-or-treating fun.

Casey J figured it all out quite early – very sweetly say “trick-or-treat” and then hold up your baggy to have it filled with lots of yummy candy. The Z Man had fun until the house where the woman built a mini haunted house in her garage with a life sized robotic freaky dude scared him. He could care less what kind of candy she was handing out, he wanted out of there and was clinging to me like static electricity. Which also led to him begging to sleep with me (which I suppose was good since he got sick and I was able to get a towel to him in time to spare the sheets in the bed). That was their first real trick-or-treating (since we live out in the country without neighbors) and Z Man said he’s done with it until he’s 16 and Casey J has sworn off candy because they got sick.


Into November and the flooding of Christmas into the local stores. I am so not ready for it…

Blue Eyes
Aidan in his adorable puppy costume! What beautiful blue eyes!

Never have my two boys wanted to go home so badly from Grandma's, not because of anything Grandma did but because they g...

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