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It was 7, no 8 years ago

Well it was both actually. You would think after having 25+ hours of labor I’d give myself a few years to recuperate before I gave it another go. Oh no, not me, I’m a glutton for punishment. So by some great coincidence my second son was born on the same exact day that my first son was, one year later. From the beginning they were not sure about how they felt about one another…

Oh I am sure that they love each other, in fact I’ve heard them tell each other so. They’ve also beat the tar out of each other from time to time. A staff member from their school told me the other day that Z walks his brother to his classroom, gives him a hug and makes sure he puts his back pack away then walks to his own class afterward. So sweet. I spent the day going through pictures of when they were little and oh how they’ve grown. I wish I could make them stop growing, except for the part about being able to wipe their own butts. I really like them being big enough to take care of that themselves. It’s a big milestone here in our house. Moving on.

Is 7 Is 8

I didn’t plan well in order for the boys to have a party with their classmates so we started their birthday week with a trip to the Aquarium in Corpus Christ (they had wanted to go in the summer while on our trip but it was a pricey place…). Then yesterday I made four dozen cupcakes some in the shape of a Clone Trooper and some with blue frosting and a white jelly bean on top for the boys to take to school and share with their classmates. Today we took the boys to dinner at their place of choice, the River Pub and Grill, and they opened their gifts there. We had promised to take them to drive go karts in New Braunfels but the place was closed today so that will happen this weekend after their first flag football game.

Battle for Endor


So guess what I did as soon as we got home??? I hope they had a great birthday, next thing I know they’ll have chest hair and be talking in a low tone like Pavarotti. Someone save me.

Well it was both actually. You would think after having 25+ hours of labor I'd give myself a few years to recuperate bef...

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