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Daddy, Dad, Pa, Grandpa

Catchin' Reds on a Windy Day

He goes by many names but to me it’s dad. Today is his birthday. I’m sure he could care less if I told you how old he was but I won’t. He’s a nice even number this year and was just shy of 26 years old when I was born. He lives “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” and made sure to pass it on to all of us. I remember thinking if the world did get all messed up we’d be okay because we could feed ourselves, or if the world flooded we had a boat to float in. I had a wandering mind even as a child. The one time the boat almost sank because someone forgot to put the plugs in I knew things would be okay because my dad was there and he could fix it. Turns out HE was the one who forgot the plugs and I didn’t panic too much because it was only 3 feet deep…. After that he bought a boat that didn’t need plugs….

My dad taught me to make friends with strangers, not to be afraid to try new things, to help everyone even if it’s not exactly convenient for you, and to work hard then play hard. I try each day to pass along the important things that he has taught me to my boys. Yes, even how to hold the football right or how to hook their bait (girls can do that stuff too). I know that sometimes he secretly watches episodes of Spongebob on his phone. Maybe it makes him think of his grandkids but I think he finds it so stupid it’s funny. He can sit and look up at the stars for hours, mix a mean Bloody Mary (too much *sneeze* pepper), and cook a mean rack of ribs. When I was in high school he never missed a single sporting event (as to which I am sure he did a lot of speeding to catch up with the bus sometimes) and was my biggest supporter. I never thought then that as I got older we’d become such good friends. Buddies who like to hang out together, but he will always be my daddy. Happy Birthday Easy Dad!

He goes by many names but to me it's dad. Today is his birthday. I'm sure he could care less if I told you how old he wa...

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A week long celebration

It’s official, I am the proud owner of a 7 and 8 year old boy. Jiminy Cricket! And yes, technically until they are 18 I own them.*Grin* We ended our birthday week with a trip to a local putt putt/go kart place (we had intended to take them on their actual birthday but the place was closed) after the boys football game. We bought our tickets and went to wait in line. The the clouds in the sky poured forth ALL their condensation and that folks is why they call it a rain check. Knowing it wasn’t going to dry up anytime soon we decided to come back another time and went across town to a laser tag spot. The boys have been begging to go since they attended a birthday party there last year. They decided to play teams, them against us. We kicked their butts! Oh Yeah. I have to give a bunch of credit to my big 8yr old though he let us shoot him more than his brother because if we shot Jelly (our 7yr old) he’d toss a fit. You aren’t supposed to run inside the arena but tell that to a 7 and 8yr old trying to shoot their mom and dad. Most of the time this is all I could see.

Then I’d hear *pew, pew, pew* “I shot you mom!!!” I was afraid the fifteen minutes would go on forever, turns out it wasn’t too bad. The boys played some video games before we headed to grab some BBQ and then called it a day.

With all the rain we’ve had lately (none of it really forecasted by the way) we haven’t made any more progress on painting the house (the outside). We did get all the cabling run for our home DVR system (both coax and networking) along the house this weekend, it’s replacing our satellite cable (which we had turned off last week). I’ll make a big post about it all including what we are saving per year by doing it.

The boys had their first flag football game this weekend and both did a  really good job! You can see a few photos from the game over on flickr.

In Pursuit

Should sacked him

It's official, I am the proud owner of a 7 and 8 year old boy. Jiminy Cricket! And yes, technically until they are 18 I...

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2nd Leg to Destination

Our second day of travel had us leaving Vicksburg, MS around 8am. We made a quick stop at the grocery store near our hotel to pick up a few things then were east bound. Because our hotel had a large amount of guests enjoying their coffee we ate some breakfast foods on the road and made good time through Mississippi. Arrived at the Alabama state line and visitor welcome center in time to have another picnic lunch. I had picked up a variety bag of HEB brand chips, bread, sandwich meats, cheese, pb & j, and a supply of fruit so we all had a decent variety to choose from for our picnic lunches. We ended up just shy of Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday and the boys once again enjoyed a nice big outdoor pool at the La Quinta there. We experienced Zaxby’s chicken which is a lot like our Golden Chick or equivalent, it was food that wasn’t a sandwich so everyone was pleased.

The wee one had just gotten in trouble...

Sunday morning started with the hotel’s breakfast (La Quinta has a decent one for free), an uneventful drive to the South Carolina border which again was well timed for our picnic lunch. Surrounded by large moss trees we took a quick lunch break since we still had about four hours to our destination and hit the road again. We made good time until our last 30 miles or so we hit dead stop traffic. UGH. We were all so ready to be out of the car! Turns out an SUV with a camper had crossed the divider and flipped onto it’s side in our lane. Everyone in the SUV was okay so it must have been at a low rate of speed with an over correction. We got past all that and made it to our condo around 5pm and got all checked in. More on what I thought of our hotel on the next post….

Beach from Walkway

Not exactly the view from our condo room...

**Note: I had planned to blog this all while on our trip but we had less than adequate wifi in our hotel. More on that in the review coming soon about our condo – Captain’s Quarters in Myrtle Beach. I’ll post each one in order over the next week**

Our second day of travel had us leaving Vicksburg, MS around 8am. We made a quick stop at the grocery store near our hot...

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Glowy Christmas Lights

If I make one more promise to get caught up on this blog I may have to hurt myself. Let’s face it, I’ll never get caught up. Lately each time I sit down to write a post of finish a post I get lazy or Big C puts some movie on this –

42" LCD

and I get all distracted by the wonderfulness of this new TV set and glue my resisting eyes to it.  I’ve been trying since Christmas day to write the Christmas post and each time I sit in the TV room to write well you can guess what happens. First movie was “The Dark Knight” and oh holy cow was that great. Then it was “No Country For Old Men” not as impressed but still wow. Last night it was “The Pursuit of Happiness” and now it’s “Little Miss Sunshine”. Oh it’ll never end.

That was Santa Claus’ gift to himself this year, that and the nice little surround sound package Mrs. Claus picked up for the TV room. I’m working on the post to explain the new TV room we have. I’ve got what the room looked like from before we tore everything out to how it looks right now. Pretty darn sweet, it’s a no toys allowed room.

Down to business – Christmas time came on seriously fast and I think I almost missed it. We got fairly busy at the shop and I didn’t even get started on the Christmas shopping until the week before Christmas. The boys would have made Dick Clark proud with their daily countdown to Christmas day, first thing when the little one would pop up out of bed would be to announce how many days left until Santa Claus was comin’ to town. I did the initial reconnaissance mission to the Target for the man in the big red suit and then after asking multiple times what they wanted for Christmas and getting the exact same answer we had to do some blacks ops mission back to Target to find the two special gifts.

It was midnight before this elf headed off to bed and the two little dudes decided 6:30am was as long as they could sleep that morning and came bounding in exclaiming for us to come see what Santa had brought them. We both groaned as we rolled out of bed to document the morning for all of prosperity. Needless to say the boys were thrilled with the big man in red.

Millenium Falcon

Yeah Christmas

We had twelve total people over for a late lunch on Christmas and had a really good time. The boys spent a lot of time playing with the really awesome Millenium Flacon they got and their action figures. Z Man has even come up with an idea to make some mini movies with all their action figures. We spent the last weekend having Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s where we came home with a van full of toys. I got to hold squishy cheeks a lot and the Casey J even got along with Miss Riley Roo.

Don't eat the paper
Aidan aka “Squishy Cheeks” eating some yummy wrapping paper.

If I make one more promise to get caught up on this blog I may have to hurt myself. Let's face it, I'll never get caught...

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