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Lumpy Boy

Monday was the boys last day of their Winter Holiday Christmas break. I had planned on just letting the boys chill out and play with whatever toy they desired. Didn’t happen. Sunday night as I hugged the Z Man before bed he “ouched” at a bump on his chin that hurt to touch. It was kind of odd and other than touching it, it didn’t hurt him or bother him in any way. I knew though that if it was there in the morning we were in for a day at the doctor. And it still was, it was in fact a bit puffier. So at 8am straight up I was calling the pediatrician’s office, closed, ugh. Called the clinic – you can bring him in as a walk-in, crud. The rules at the clinic are first come, first serve. Even if you show up at 9am you may get in to see a doctor nurse or physicians assistant by 5pm. So I skipped my shower, got myself dressed and then got the boys dressed and rushed them out the door. We arrived at 8:30am and after some issues with his insurance they called Z back, he actually went to get his vitals done by himself. The boy weighs a whopping 64lbs already. Such a big guy. No fever, no red throat, no pains. Moved to the smaller waiting room where they at least had a TV the boys could watch some cartoons on. The little Leapster that Grandma got them really saved me that morning from having to try to find ways to entertain them. The nurse practitioner walks in and looks him over and we get the “hmmmm” he has one icky ear but that’s not causing the swollen nodes but we’ll clean it out anyway. Let me tell you what came out of his little ear was GROSS!! He can hear much better now though. The nurse lady brings in the physicians assistant and he kind of shrugs his shoulders and says that he would do the same thing. So she comes back and says well I think it may be something bacterial (he had slightly metallic breath) and the lymph nodes are supposed to swell when they are fighting infection. He’s got 7 days of antibiotics with penicillin in it and if it’s not better we’ll go back. The knots are still there but they don’t hurt him and they are not as inflamed. We’ll see how it goes over the next two days. We had some small issues with his insurance again at the pharmacy but got it all fixed and I took the boys to eat then home. Zach spent some time chilling and doing this ->

Building a set

He’s on a quest to build a Lego set for a Lego movie he wants to make.  Both boys are quite serious when it comes to this work. Later that night they snuggled in front of the fire to stay warm and watched a little bit of cartoons before bed.

Warm by the fire

Monday was the boys last day of their Winter Holiday Christmas break. I had planned on just letting the boys chill out a...

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