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Daddy, Dad, Pa, Grandpa

Catchin' Reds on a Windy Day

He goes by many names but to me it’s dad. Today is his birthday. I’m sure he could care less if I told you how old he was but I won’t. He’s a nice even number this year and was just shy of 26 years old when I was born. He lives “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” and made sure to pass it on to all of us. I remember thinking if the world did get all messed up we’d be okay because we could feed ourselves, or if the world flooded we had a boat to float in. I had a wandering mind even as a child. The one time the boat almost sank because someone forgot to put the plugs in I knew things would be okay because my dad was there and he could fix it. Turns out HE was the one who forgot the plugs and I didn’t panic too much because it was only 3 feet deep…. After that he bought a boat that didn’t need plugs….

My dad taught me to make friends with strangers, not to be afraid to try new things, to help everyone even if it’s not exactly convenient for you, and to work hard then play hard. I try each day to pass along the important things that he has taught me to my boys. Yes, even how to hold the football right or how to hook their bait (girls can do that stuff too). I know that sometimes he secretly watches episodes of Spongebob on his phone. Maybe it makes him think of his grandkids but I think he finds it so stupid it’s funny. He can sit and look up at the stars for hours, mix a mean Bloody Mary (too much *sneeze* pepper), and cook a mean rack of ribs. When I was in high school he never missed a single sporting event (as to which I am sure he did a lot of speeding to catch up with the bus sometimes) and was my biggest supporter. I never thought then that as I got older we’d become such good friends. Buddies who like to hang out together, but he will always be my daddy. Happy Birthday Easy Dad!

He goes by many names but to me it's dad. Today is his birthday. I'm sure he could care less if I told you how old he wa...

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For the Warriors

Today we take the small road trip down to Port O’Connor Texas four the fourth annual Warrior’s Weekend. This is a weekend for our fine young men and women who have been injuried fighting in a war. They come from VA hospitals all of the US but mostly fom Brooke Army in San Antonio. It’s a day for them to relax and have fun. To no worry abut going to therapy or what food the hospital is serving. I’m hoping to see my man Andrew, his come for the last two fishing trips. We nicknamed him Bill Dance two years ago and he caught some nice fish. I hope he comes but I also hope he doesn’t. Because if he doesn’t that means he’s all better and the Army sent him home to be with his family. Back to Mississippi with his family. Hers to all our fine young men and women. May God bless us with a good day of fishing.

My Man Andrew

Today we take the small road trip down to Port O'Connor Texas four the fourth annual Warrior's Weekend. This is a weeken...

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