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Take Me Places

I originally titled this post “Roll On” because that’s pretty much all we did today. Also that’s pretty much what we’ll do tomorrow until we reach the coast and our destination for the next 6 days. For some reason the 7 hours in the van today seemed twice as long as the 11 hours we spent in it yesterday. Seriously sore bums were had by all. CaseyJ finally passed out somewhere in Alabama and slept for awhile. I think he seriously needed that nap, especially after losing his swimming pool time at our lunch stop.

I love Hipstamatic...

Back to the title of “Roll On” made me think of the Terri Hendrix song entitle the same. However the song is more a metaphorical “Roll On” than the literal. On the same album (Cry Till You Laugh) is the song “Take Me Places” and that song is a lot like what we are doing on our trip.

Take me to Mexico
Wake me up in Singapore
Maybe we could see Morocco
Take me where I’ve never been before


Take me somewhere exotic
Far away
To a distant shore
A quiet beach could be hypnotic
Take me where I’ve never been before

Although the lyrics lead more to a need for escape I think it works for what we are doing. I traveled within the state of Texas as a kid, mostly within a few hours of home. I didn’t leave the state of Texas until I was 21 years old. At 6 and 7 years old the boys have been to more states than I had by the time I was 30. That is cool. They’ve seen things some grown adults have never seen – the Grand Canyon, a sunset over the Missisisippi River, the mountains of Colorado, etc. I love traveling with the boys, minus the in car fights (which have been very few this trip) and the having to get them to sleep while we are trying to watch tv or relax in the hotel room, it’s awesome. I am really looking forward to all the beach time and fun stuff we’ll get to do this coming week. Photos out of my camera and not my iPhone coming soon!

I originally titled this post "Roll On" because that's pretty much all we did today. Also that's pretty much what we'll...

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Music Monday – Updated*

I don’t really remember the first time I heard music by B.B. King. I’ve been trying to remember for  a few days. It seems like I’ve just always liked it. It’s likely I didn’t catch onto blues music until maybe sometime in high school. When I was a kid I listened to what my dad did – 60’s and 70’s rock and roll. It’s not like we had a choice, we might have lost a hand had we tried to hit the eject button on the tape player in the vehicle. As a result though I can pretty much name any CCR song in less than five notes. Along with many other bands of that era. I’m not really complaining – the Z Man is only six and he can recognize and sing some songs older than me.

But somewhere along the way I heard blues music, and not just any blues, I’m talking BB King,  Muddy Waters, Etta James. Most albums by a single artist I own is Mr. BB King himself and his sweet girl Lucille (followed by Ms. Terri Hendrix, but more on her next time). Last year I got to see him in concert and it was truly one of my most favorite things I’ve done. Oh you’re thinking, blues, really? Doesn’t that get you down? Honest answer is NO! So many emotions in the music, it can bring me up when I’m down, or mellow me when I’m over-extended. Music is such a mood enahncer for me in general, but the blues take the cake for me. At 83 years young Mr. King is still putting on a show and rocking the entire crowd. I truely believe when he sings that he’ll “do this ’til the day I die” he means every word of it. Here’s BB singing one of my favorite songs back in 1989…

I’ll try to share a little bit of my music tastes each Monday if I can – I’ve created an iTunes iMix with some of my favorite BB King songs on it but apparently you have to wait for it to post. I’ll put it up here as soon as it becomes available. And without further delay –

I don't really remember the first time I heard music by B.B. King. I've been trying to remember for  a few days. It seem...

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