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Snow and Ice

You know what’s a lot of fun, driving to town in the rain only to have it turn to ice on the wind shield. What’s even more fun is not being tall enough to see over all the ice that’s accumulating, being a chicken and pulling over so you husband can drive. I left my big girl underwear at home today. It barely got above freezing today and last week was full of fun too.

The cold began Wednesday morning when at 6am we lost power. We got the boys up, dressed and fed by candle light and little LED head lamps before we lost too much heat. Thursday the boys had a non uniform day so they could dress warm and as we pulled up to drop them off the teachers were going car to car saying the water froze at the main and school was canceled. Yeah! A fun day at the office with the boys. They were pretty good about it though and due to the repairs needed to the water lines school was also canceled for Friday. Good thing because when it got light enough to see Friday morning we had a nice blanket of white everywhere. That’s right folks, it snowed, right here in central Texas. I woke the boys up and helped them with jackets and out they went to play.

Playing in our pj's


Big C decided he was still going to work and headed out in his Jeep for the 25 mile trip to town. The boys and I took pictures and came inside to warm up and eat breakfast, got clothes on and went back out to play. We found our green saucers from White Sands in New Mexico and did some fun sliding around. The boys played until their fingers froze and then we played games inside and I made some yummy broccoli cheese soup for lunch, we stayed warm by keeping the fire place stoked all day long.  By lunch any snow in the path of the sun was quickly melting away. It was all gone by the next day. We’ve had quite a long few days of cold and wind, the wind making it that much colder. I think most of my family likes the cold weather except when it forces us to spend many days stuck inside together! See all my photos here.

Snowy Landscape

You know what's a lot of fun, driving to town in the rain only to have it turn to ice on the wind shield. What's even mo...

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Take Me Places

I originally titled this post “Roll On” because that’s pretty much all we did today. Also that’s pretty much what we’ll do tomorrow until we reach the coast and our destination for the next 6 days. For some reason the 7 hours in the van today seemed twice as long as the 11 hours we spent in it yesterday. Seriously sore bums were had by all. CaseyJ finally passed out somewhere in Alabama and slept for awhile. I think he seriously needed that nap, especially after losing his swimming pool time at our lunch stop.

I love Hipstamatic...

Back to the title of “Roll On” made me think of the Terri Hendrix song entitle the same. However the song is more a metaphorical “Roll On” than the literal. On the same album (Cry Till You Laugh) is the song “Take Me Places” and that song is a lot like what we are doing on our trip.

Take me to Mexico
Wake me up in Singapore
Maybe we could see Morocco
Take me where I’ve never been before


Take me somewhere exotic
Far away
To a distant shore
A quiet beach could be hypnotic
Take me where I’ve never been before

Although the lyrics lead more to a need for escape I think it works for what we are doing. I traveled within the state of Texas as a kid, mostly within a few hours of home. I didn’t leave the state of Texas until I was 21 years old. At 6 and 7 years old the boys have been to more states than I had by the time I was 30. That is cool. They’ve seen things some grown adults have never seen – the Grand Canyon, a sunset over the Missisisippi River, the mountains of Colorado, etc. I love traveling with the boys, minus the in car fights (which have been very few this trip) and the having to get them to sleep while we are trying to watch tv or relax in the hotel room, it’s awesome. I am really looking forward to all the beach time and fun stuff we’ll get to do this coming week. Photos out of my camera and not my iPhone coming soon!

I originally titled this post "Roll On" because that's pretty much all we did today. Also that's pretty much what we'll...

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Unusually Warm

Last Wednesday the weather was a bit warmer than it should be in WINTER. That’s right Texas, it’s still supposed to be weather. Not spring, bordering on summer. I think there is something about Texas that makes Mother Nature forget her times or seasons. When I picked the boys up from school that afternoon I thought I’d suprise them and take them to the wood park (their most favorite park to play at). I don’t recall if I had a favorite park to go to when I was a kid. Turns out the Z Man had a rough day at school with a bothersome cough so he decided to rest on the couch at the shop while Casey J and I went to the park. I grabbed my camera and off we went. I only had my 50mm lens which is not AF (auto focus) but figured I’d practice with it anyway. One of the boys buddies (he’s a Z too) and another classmate or two showed up at the park also. They were all playing together on the monkey bars  so I just laid down in the middle of them all and took some pictures. Much harder to take in foucs photos of actively moving kiddoes.


It was also weird to be at the park and only have to keep track of one of my guys. When we first went to parks I’d make them play together, follow each other etc… and I’d follow them around to keep track of them. Then I got to the point where I’d sit in a central area to see them both. Now I stay in the same area and call out if I haven’t seen them in a certain period of time. When I have my camera I’ll just hang around where they play, take a few photos then let them run off for a bit. I’ve gotten some of my best photos of the boys at the park. Here’s a few from the other day.

A Girl

Z #2

PS. I’ll get the photo website up and running again as soon as I can. Promise. Well I probably promise. 🙂

Last Wednesday the weather was a bit warmer than it should be in WINTER. That's right Texas, it's still supposed to be w...

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Cozy Cabin – Busy ER

Ok, don’t panic. Really we are all okay. Although Z Man does seem to be getting the strep symptoms so we headed to the local ER to try to get him some antibiotics and after almost 3 hours and no progress (hint – 1 doctor, 4 beds, 11 people waiting = not good) we decided to get him back to the cabin to rest with some Tylenol to help him relax. We’ve got a call in to our Pedi to see if we can get him the same antibiotic as his brother so that we can go have fun at the tube slides tomorrow and on the mountain the next day!!

The drive went smoothly (the dvd player kept the boys quite entertained) and really wasn’t too bad. We stopped yesterday in Sonora at the caves and spent a few hours there. It was really an interesting cave and has some unique formations. The boys did really great not touching anything and we great sports with all the walking (an hour and forty-five minutes worth).

Cave Pool

Our cabin is right next a large deck that has a great view, especially considering we are actually right in the middle of downtown Ruidoso. I’m sure there is much fun to be had. More pictures to come I’m sure. That’s all for now!

View from the deck

Ok, don't panic. Really we are all okay. Although Z Man does seem to be getting the strep symptoms so we headed to the l...

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It’s protected Mom

Geared Up

Yes this is the karate gear. There is padding everywhere, yes even there. He looks a little goofy in this one. They gave him the next size bigger pants and shirt so they are a little big on him (funny I’d never thought he’d own clothes that were actually big on him). He is learning a bunch of different skills now and there is a budding romance going on in his class. There is really only one girl who is regularly in his class and she’s a cute blonde little thing. Today when they had to partner up and she gravitated towards Z Man like a magnet. Then proceeded to kick him in the gut a bit harder than they were supposed to, but he didn’t seem to mind. I tried to get some action shots but the light isn’t great in there. Here is a close up of his “serious” karate face.

Head Gear

Yes this is the karate gear. There is padding everywhere, yes even there. He looks a little goofy in this one. They gave...

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