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Unusually Warm

Last Wednesday the weather was a bit warmer than it should be in WINTER. That’s right Texas, it’s still supposed to be weather. Not spring, bordering on summer. I think there is something about Texas that makes Mother Nature forget her times or seasons. When I picked the boys up from school that afternoon I thought I’d suprise them and take them to the wood park (their most favorite park to play at). I don’t recall if I had a favorite park to go to when I was a kid. Turns out the Z Man had a rough day at school with a bothersome cough so he decided to rest on the couch at the shop while Casey J and I went to the park. I grabbed my camera and off we went. I only had my 50mm lens which is not AF (auto focus) but figured I’d practice with it anyway. One of the boys buddies (he’s a Z too) and another classmate or two showed up at the park also. They were all playing together on the monkey bars  so I just laid down in the middle of them all and took some pictures. Much harder to take in foucs photos of actively moving kiddoes.


It was also weird to be at the park and only have to keep track of one of my guys. When we first went to parks I’d make them play together, follow each other etc… and I’d follow them around to keep track of them. Then I got to the point where I’d sit in a central area to see them both. Now I stay in the same area and call out if I haven’t seen them in a certain period of time. When I have my camera I’ll just hang around where they play, take a few photos then let them run off for a bit. I’ve gotten some of my best photos of the boys at the park. Here’s a few from the other day.

A Girl

Z #2

PS. I’ll get the photo website up and running again as soon as I can. Promise. Well I probably promise. 🙂

Last Wednesday the weather was a bit warmer than it should be in WINTER. That's right Texas, it's still supposed to be w...

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