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A Hotel Christmas

After just spending just over 12 hours in the van today (covering over 700  miles) I am typing this as I sit in a hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My most charming husband convinced me that leaving at 4am this morning (meaning we woke up at 3:30am) and by the time we stopped for breakfast we already had 5 hours of travel behind us.

What are we doing in the middle of New Mexico the day before Christmas Eve you might ask, well we are on our way to have a white Christmas. Tomorrow we’ll get to our final destination of Durango, CO. And we are staying at a — Best Western. Yep, you heard right. This year’s trip was something we’ve wanted to do since this summer but funding of the trip was always up in the air. Funding prayers were answered about two weeks ago and after much looking I found that staying at the Best Western was almost $800 less than a private cabin or lodge at the ski resort. This option will give us so much more money to spend on other fun things like skiing, snowmobiling, etc. We made the leap, paid for the King Suite room near downtown Durango and didn’t look back. I calculated the cost of each activity we wanted to do so we could have an idea of what we would be spending. This is our first ever Christmas away from home, about 1,000 miles away! To say the trip has added to the excitement of Christmas for the boys is a huge understatement!

We’ll get into Durango with plenty of time to go find a Christmas tree and we’ve brought construction paper to make garland and popcorn to string up on the tree. We also purchased a few small ornaments to hang as well. We’ve made sure that Santa knows where we’re staying too. At 8 and 9yrs old we’re hoping that maybe this will be a Christmas that will stick out in the boys memories for a very long time. Plus for us, it’s sure to be a White Christmas.

After just spending just over 12 hours in the van today (covering over 700  miles) I am typing this as I sit in a hotel...

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Snow and Ice

You know what’s a lot of fun, driving to town in the rain only to have it turn to ice on the wind shield. What’s even more fun is not being tall enough to see over all the ice that’s accumulating, being a chicken and pulling over so you husband can drive. I left my big girl underwear at home today. It barely got above freezing today and last week was full of fun too.

The cold began Wednesday morning when at 6am we lost power. We got the boys up, dressed and fed by candle light and little LED head lamps before we lost too much heat. Thursday the boys had a non uniform day so they could dress warm and as we pulled up to drop them off the teachers were going car to car saying the water froze at the main and school was canceled. Yeah! A fun day at the office with the boys. They were pretty good about it though and due to the repairs needed to the water lines school was also canceled for Friday. Good thing because when it got light enough to see Friday morning we had a nice blanket of white everywhere. That’s right folks, it snowed, right here in central Texas. I woke the boys up and helped them with jackets and out they went to play.

Playing in our pj's


Big C decided he was still going to work and headed out in his Jeep for the 25 mile trip to town. The boys and I took pictures and came inside to warm up and eat breakfast, got clothes on and went back out to play. We found our green saucers from White Sands in New Mexico and did some fun sliding around. The boys played until their fingers froze and then we played games inside and I made some yummy broccoli cheese soup for lunch, we stayed warm by keeping the fire place stoked all day long.  By lunch any snow in the path of the sun was quickly melting away. It was all gone by the next day. We’ve had quite a long few days of cold and wind, the wind making it that much colder. I think most of my family likes the cold weather except when it forces us to spend many days stuck inside together! See all my photos here.

Snowy Landscape

You know what's a lot of fun, driving to town in the rain only to have it turn to ice on the wind shield. What's even mo...

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