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Out in a West Texas Town

Anyone? Name that song? The Artist? No? Well Big C sang that song for a great many miles on our way to El Paso, TX…. moving on.

I think if an alarm ever goes off at 4:15am again I may hurt someone (unless it’s to go fishing). I reluctantly rolled out of bed a few minutes later and after we got the last little bits of luggage etc packed we picked the boys up out of their beds and put them in the van, pajamas and all. We thought they would sleep for an hour or so until we stopped for breakfast. Yeah, we were wrong about that. You would’ve thought it was Christmas morning or something. They were wide eyed and bushy tailed. AWAKE I tell you. Pulled out of our driveway at 5:15am and were on our way to a town 602 miles away. Our first stop (it was still dark out) came at the Kerville Cracker Barrel were we got the boys dressed in the van and had a yummy breakfast. It had drizzled all the way here and was quite chilly out. It continued to be rainy on much of the drive that morning and we even had some pea sized hail briefly while we were fueling up in Sonora, TX. We ended up stopping in what is pretty much the middle of nowhere (I’m not sure how people can live here), the Dairy Queen in Fort Stockton, TX for lunch. We had planned to do sandwhiches at a road side stop but the weather didn’t allow it. After another fuel stop in Van Horn, TX the weather began to clear a bit and the sun came out.

1-10 West

Made the last bit of the drive quite nice. We crossed into Mountian Standard Time and gained an hour. As we got closer to our destination Casey J announced he “needed to get his wedgie out”, then he “really needed to get the wedgie out”. He explained when he sat that long he always got a wedgie. Thank goodness we weren’t too far away! We got to our hotel in El Paso around 4pm. My folks who were following us on this grand adventure had called and were about 4 hours behind us but were shooting to make it all the way to El Paso. The boys were full of energy and jumping like monkeys on all the beds so we decide to inflict self torture and take them to the Peter Piper Pizza we saw just down the road on our way in.

Whack the Evil Sharks

They enjoyed themselves and when we got back to the hotel G&G were there so we chatted for a bit before turning in. The beds were a bit smaller than I’d like but comfy.

Anyone? Name that song? The Artist? No? Well Big C sang that song for a great many miles on our way to El Paso, TX.... m...

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