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Trying a Tri

Life has been busy. Back to school came so fast that I had to hang on for dear life. Uniforms didn’t fit and some boy’s feet doubled in size.  I didn’t blog about 9/11, I spent that time explaining it to my now 9yr old who wanted to know why people are so sad close to his birthday. Then there were their birthdays. This year they suckered me into a party at karate. I let it happen mostly because I was able to trade computer services with the nice brothers over at the karate dojo and Zach got to slice his cake with a samurai sword. We celebrated their birthday with a tradition in our family we call “finger food night”, a smorgasbord of foods like pepperonis, cheeses, fruits, breads, crackers, etc. Flag football has started and last weekend was also their first game, both boys did great!

I’ve spent the last three months training to do three things (one after another without taking a break), swim, bike, then run. I have been working out with a trainer since January and in early summer I decided I was crazy enough to register for a sprint triathlon.  Fees paid there was no turning back. I’m using a nice borrowed road bike and am just praying I don’t drown. If I do at least it’s in the clear spring water and they’ll be able to see me. I kid. I’ve done a triathlon twice before and a duathlon also, both with a teammate as part of a women’s adventure race but this is my first solo and I have some serious butterflies. But I also have some serious goals.

No personal audio devices allowed! My biggest enemy – no tunes! Bed time in one hour. Up early. Oh yes, and on the way home the van died and we had to have it towed. Also I had to bungee the bike to the spare tire of the Jeep. Nothing ever goes as planned. 🙂

Life has been busy. Back to school came so fast that I had to hang on for dear life. Uniforms didn't fit and some boy's...

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