Blown Away in Port O

The first weekend in November is traditionally Casey’s guys only camping trip. No guys under 18 allowed so it’s a me and the boys only weekend. The boys already had Friday off school since it was the end of the first grading period, but Wednesday night and into Thursday morning we had about 15 inches of rain fall. Which led to flooding (not us, we live on top of a hill) and school cancellations. Introducing a four day weekend for the boys. We had already planned to head south towards the coast and go fishing with my folks so we headed out Friday afternoon in the Jeep, just the three of us. We arrived in Port O’Connor around 6:30pm or so and the water was as smooth as glass. No wind, no breeze, just quiet. Finally for once, we were at the coast and it wasn’t windy. Mother nature sure fooled us. By midnight I could hear the wind howling outside as I slept on a slightly deflating air mattress with my 5 foot, 125 pound 11 year old who likes to sleep way up in my personal space. No point in waking up early to go fishing.

After some breakfast we decided to hop in the boat and head down the canal to see if maybe we could try some fishing. First clue should have been all the barges stopped in the canal, angled into the sand bars and not going anywhere. We headed to a flats area to try a drift (lots of duck hunters were out there) and as I stood up on the bow and cast out a few times my shirt whipped into the wind making me feel like I was part of a sail on a boat. No luck. Thanks for trying though dad. We spent the rest of the weekend at home with my folks hanging out, cooking some good bacon wrapped shrimp. Always good to breathe some sea air in though.

The first weekend in November is traditionally Casey's guys only camping trip. No guys under 18 allowed so it's a me and...

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